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NASA EDGE Question [12 Jun 2008|09:34pm]

[ mood | deprived ]

First off, those guys are hilarious!


I happened to miss the ep. of Mike & Mike in the Morning where they appeared and was wondering if it was floating around on the 'net somewhere?


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New.. [21 Dec 2003|03:27pm]

Hey there. I'm new here :)

Just letting you all know ...


- Zzy x
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Astro-Magazines .... jr.???? [16 Dec 2003|04:49pm]

Does anybody know of some really good astronomy magazines? I want to furthur explore my interest in astronomy online and through reading mags or books. Please send me your reccomendation. Also, are there any magazines for kids? I don't want to start reading this adult directed jabber, until at least next year, when i've learned some more of astronomy. Thanks!
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Welcome to Astrogirls99! [13 Dec 2003|11:11am]

[ mood | creative ]

Welcome to astrogirls99! I am the maintainer of it, solarflare_chic. Please tell all your friends about this club and have a great time posting!

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